I am finding the drawn-out ‘sooner rather than later’ ending of the Covid situation strangely challenging. My earlier locked-down, physically distanced time of waiting is nearing its end. Only recently has this strange year began to really wear me down. Maybe you hit that wall earlier. With the end in sight, demonstrating patience is becoming ever harder. Coping and trying to be well and positive is becoming more difficult.

The notion of having a smaller cup which is fuller (compared to a half full or half empty cup) has a new meaning to me. Rather than just having a small(er) cup, I have had to deliberately make this cup of my expectations even smaller again. The reality of Covid has really begun to set in: room for excitement, wonder and optimism have indeed become limited and exhausted.

Over the past month to maintain a positive sense of wellness, I have mindfully downsized my cup of joy to keep it relatively full. Smaller blessings and pleasures have become more joyful and meaningful. Traveling even a few miles from home is my current travel adventure goal.

By consciously shrinking what I expect, it has made the waiting process easier and more promising. Convincing myself that less is better has materially improved my spirits. It is now much easier to get excited and eager about almost anything; trivial things really matter now.

Pacing myself to imagine that soon something resembling the old normal will return is giving me an opportunity to constructively plan for what is ahead. Not only will my new cup of life be sturdier and initially smaller, but I am determined to savour more the simple pleasures of life. Visits to friends will be much more special. Being in crowds will be a welcome event. Being able to travel slightly further afield: what a dream!

As the end comes nearer, please don’t waste the opportunity to re-evaluate and re-calibrate your post-Covid world. Ask yourself, “What lessons have I learned that I can use to make the next chapter of my life better?” Plan your escape and return to normality.

Reflection Source: www.Smallercup.org

Please freely share and widely, there are no copyright concerns.

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